Doolami Dessert

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Yesterday, we ventured to Doolami Dessert, an Asian dessert place located on the Vancouver West Side. They are opened from 7 – 11pm every night, although I believe they are opened later on weekends.

Location: 8030 Granville Street in the Marpole neighbourhood.

It was our first time at Doolami. Previously, I’ve tried their take-home pint Matcha and Durian ice creams, which were very strong in flavour. The Matcha ice cream, in particular, had very little sweetener and you can fully taste the bitterness characteristic of grounded matcha. Doolami claims to use no additives in their ice creams, and real fruits only.

Onto what we’ve ordered….


Mango Pomelo Sago – $8.99


I believe the original price on the menu was $6.99 as mango is currently not in season. The waitress informed us that they have imported fresh mango from Australia, therefore raising the price of the dessert to $8.99. Fair enough.

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Cooking Diary #1 – Miso & Maple Salmon

Tonight we tried to make a sauce for salmon that isn’t the typical aioli. Miso and maple… how “Vancouver”.

That char…

Rough Recipe

(For glazing one ~250 g salmon fillet)

  • Total of 2 -3 tablespoons of miso paste, maple syrup, and rice vinegar (ratio is 1:1:1)
  • A dash of spicy stuff (Tabasco, paprika, etc.)

Yup, that’s all.


  1. Place salmon fillet skin-side down on a cold pan (oiled).
  2. Turn the heat to medium. As the skin/fat starts to render, apply miso & maple glaze.
  3. Transfer pan to a pre-heated oven. Broil (most likely 550°C) the salmon for for 5-10 minutes.

20/20 hindsight: miso and vinegar smoke up easily, so place the pan in the middle oven rack rather than the top.

Brunch at AnnaLena

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Our first blog post is a review of Vancouver’s top new restaurants in 2015 – AnnaLena.

Location: 1809 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC (Pro-tip: there is free side street parking around the nearby Seaforth Peace Park)


Brunch items here are meant to be shared. The main dishes ($10 each) contain two egg bennys and nothing else. This isn’t a complaint because, instead of stuffing ourselves with hash browns, we had room to order other amazing side dishes!

We ordered two egg bennys: tuna confit and beef brisket. The tuna was light and moist, in terms of texture. Its flavour was on the mild side, but the dill hollandaise sauce gave it a bright kick. On the other hand, the beef brisket was expectedly richer . The meat was tender but not fatty, and it was paired brilliantly with a dijon mustard sauce.

On the side we ordered a banana bread with maple butter ($4). One word to describe this dessert would be: balanced. The bread had the right amount of chewiness, and the butter wasn’t overly sweet or decadent.

We were particular impressed with AnnaLena’s plating. Everything was simple, from the patterns to the colours. The food itself also seemed to carry the same ‘simplicity’ concept. There was no over-the-top extravagance, only the happy marriage of simple ingredients.

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