Cooking Diary #1 – Miso & Maple Salmon

Tonight we tried to make a sauce for salmon that isn’t the typical aioli. Miso and maple… how “Vancouver”.

That char…

Rough Recipe

(For glazing one ~250 g salmon fillet)

  • Total of 2 -3 tablespoons of miso paste, maple syrup, and rice vinegar (ratio is 1:1:1)
  • A dash of spicy stuff (Tabasco, paprika, etc.)

Yup, that’s all.


  1. Place salmon fillet skin-side down on a cold pan (oiled).
  2. Turn the heat to medium. As the skin/fat starts to render, apply miso & maple glaze.
  3. Transfer pan to a pre-heated oven. Broil (most likely 550°C) the salmon for for 5-10 minutes.

20/20 hindsight: miso and vinegar smoke up easily, so place the pan in the middle oven rack rather than the top.


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