Cafe de L’Orangerie

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Tucked in the corner of 73rd Ave and Hudson St is a neat little neighbourhood cafe called Cafe de L’Orangerie. The first thing we’ve noticed upon entering was how cozy the place was. We felt at ease as we sat on wooden furniture, and listened to the soothing background music. Cafe de L’Orangerie seemed like a perfect date location , as most of the patrons we saw were couples. ❤

The menu consisted of predominantly two types of savory dishes: Japanese curry and Japanese pasta. We’ve heard the hamburger steak was one of their specialties, so we decided to try it served in two different ways.

Western Variation: Hashed Beef Stew de Cream Spaghetti and Hamburger Steak ($13.95)



This is akin to a luxury version of the Hamburger Helper. The stew was thick and packed with mushroom and onion flavours. The spaghetti (cooked al dente) was dressed in white cream! On top of everything was a thick and moist (but not greasy) hamburger patty. It was totally satisfying!

Eastern Variation: Oroshi Ponzu Hamburger Steak ($10)

We thoroughly enjoyed this dish because it was perfectly balanced. The acidic ponzu sauce went brilliantly with the meaty hamburger steak.

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Hot Pot Legend (epic long rant)

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Location: Continental Centre (Yay, free parking spaces!), 1123-3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond

A few weeks ago, the Molangs were craving hot pot on a chilly evening. The shabu shabu place across the street (our original destination) was already packed. It was 7:00 PM, and the wait time was 3 hours ._. Feeling too lazy and hungry to drive elsewhere, we decided to go to the nearest hot pot restaurant – Hot Pot Legend.

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Victoria Adventure – Brunch @ Saveur

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Location: 658 Herald Street , City of Victoria

After a sitting in the ferry and on the bus for 2+ hours, the Molangs have finally arrived in Downtown Victoria. It was a cold and rainy Saturday, and we were craving hot food! Not gonna lie, we originally had our sights set on Jam Cafe, but the lineup there seemed endless. As we walked around the neighbourhood, we found Saveur

It was almost, but only one table was occupied. We sneakily checked their menu and reviews online, and we saw no red flags. What gives? Ahhh what the heck, just go in!

Ambiance-wise, Saveur reminded me of AnnaLena. It had a ‘modern’ decor with black being one of the prominent colours. The place was spacious, and there was an open bar and an open kitchen.


Let’s jump right into food…

Lavender and white chocolate scone (free!)

This little appetizer (?) was complementary. We were told the scones were freshly made every morning. I believe them because the scones we’ve had were warm and fluffy! Although it contained white chocolate, the scone itself was hardly sweet, but it paired well with the sweet and tangy blackberry sauce.

Lavender and white chocolate scones w/ blackberry sauce

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Dinner at Kamei Royale

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Location: 1030 Georgia Street

The Molangs arrived at Kamei Royale at 5:30 PM to have an early dinner. As expected, there was no waiting in line. Their service staff was courteous and welcoming.

From the decor to the food, Kamei Royle is a traditional Japanese restaurant. It’s a cozy and spacious place for any dining occasion. Aside from the “special rolls”, there aren’t many “extravagant” menu items. Since this is a restaurant in Downtown Vancouver, expect to pay a little premium; however, the extra price is justified by the quality of food.

Speaking of food…

Dobin Mushi ($6.50)

This dish was not on the menu. You’d have to ask the server for it 😉

Dobin Mushi is a dashi-based broth served in a little tea pot. With the broth came with shrimp, scallop, ginkgo nuts, and enoki mushrooms. To my surprise, there was no chicken.

There was enough broth for fill four of the little teacups shown below. The broth was hot, but not boiling hot. Nonetheless, everything was fresh and flavourful.

Dobin mushi ($6.50)

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