Hong Kong Eating Diary

One Molang went to Hong Kong during the past holidays season. The purpose: to try out the local deliciousness 😛

This isn’t much of a review, but more of a collection of food pictures hehehehe. (No Molang Scores because comparing Asian restaurants to North American restaurants is like comparing apples to oranges).

The following foods were eaten in a span of 5 hours:

1. Dim Sum

網址 : http://s.openrice.com/QrbS0n9O100
地址 : 北角,和富道2-8號嘉洋大廈地下B,C及D舖


Pineapple BBQ pork bun
Shumai – a classic
Ma Lai Gao – silky smooth and perfectly sweetened

2. Beef brisket noodle soup

網址 : http://s.openrice.com/QrbS0U2y000
地址 : 天后,電氣道13號A地舖
電話 : 2807 0181


This dish was perfect on a chilly morning. The broth was light (i.e. not greasy) but packed with beef flavour. The beef was very tender as well.

3. BBQ pork and egg on rice

Sorry, ate half of it before taking picture

It doesn’t matter how full I was, this dish goes down very easily. Nom nom nom nom nom.

4. Roasted goose

網址 : http://s.openrice.com/QrbS0wwm200
地址 : 灣仔,軒尼詩道226號寶華商業中心地舖
電話 : 5408 7740


That goose oil

Pro-tip: order takeout if the lineup is long (it will be). Apparently, this place won 1 Michelin Star! As seen in the picture, the goose is very succulent. It’s very similar to a roasted duck in terms of flavour and texture. I wished I also ordered a bowl of rice to go with it.

5. Egg tart

網址 : http://s.openrice.com/QrbS0esO000
地址 : 灣仔,莊士敦道74-80號地下2號舖
電話 : 2528 6632


Yolk-y filling and a fluffy crust. Baked fresh and warm. $7 HKD for 2 egg tarts. What more can you ask?


#HongKong #DimSum #LFFFMOLANGS


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