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Location: 3144 West Broadway, Vancouver

We stumbled across this tiny Malaysian eatery on W Broadway one night. The place was very busy during dinner time, as there was an abundance of both eat-in patrons and takeout customers. They even had a sign acknowledging that they were short-staffed! Although the service wasn’t the fastest, the staff was still very friendly and welcoming.

We decided the order two of the most iconic Southeast Asian dishes: Hainanese chicken rice, and laksa noodle soup.

Hainanese chicken rice + soup ($13.50 for large)


(The radish soup was not shown because it was too delicious, and we consumed it before we could take pictures)

The chicken-oil-infused rice is a borderline guilty pleasure. Once you start eating, you will not want to stop. It was nice of them to de-bone all the chicken! However, it does make the portion size appear smaller. We liked the contrast of the two dipping sauces (red = sweet and sour chilli sauce; green = garlic, chives, and ginger?). As you can see in the photo, they also drizzled sweet soy sauce all over the chicken. As a small nitpick, we wished the sauces were separated and served in small dipping trays. That way, the customers can have full control over what and how much they want to dip! Continue reading

Sautéed Lettuce with Dried Cherry Shrimps

Sautéing veggies is my new favourite pastime, especially after I’ve discovered cherry shrimps! You can find dried cherry shrimps in any Asian/Japanese markets. These tiny crustaceans pack a lot of flavour!

Here’s a rough recipe on how to make a quick, delicious, and healthy vegetable dish.


  • Leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, or spinach
  • A pinch of dried cherry shrimps (try not to nibble at them too much before cooking :P)
  • Chopped garlic (optional)
  • Cooking oil
  • Pinch of salt
  • Approx. 1 tablespoon of water



  1. In a wok/frying pan, heat up oil (granola is fine), and sautée cherry shrimp and garlic on medium-high heat. (30 seconds)
  2. Add in vegetables and water.
  3. Adjust flavour with salt. Continue to sautée vegetables. (3-4 minutes if you are cooking lettuce)

Tip: For the perfect flavouring (in my opinion of course), add enough salt so that the veggie juice on the bottom of the pan is just slightly too salty. The veggies themselves would taste just right (again, in my opinion).



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Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House

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Location: 8390 Granville Street, Vancouver

Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House has been around for a while. It is located right beside the Vancouver Public Library on Granville St. It’s been at least three years since I’ve visited this restaurant, but nothing much has changed. There is still that back alley parking lot that is tricky to maneuver in and out. The restaurant itself has been slightly renovated (I think). It is just clean enough, and spacious enough for family/casual dining; nothing more, nothing less.

I personally love beef noodles because they are inexpensive, filling, hearty, and (probably) healthy. If you are a fan of Vietnamese pho, then chances are you will love Taiwanese beef noodle as well.

Looking at their menu, they offered a comprehensive list of noodles with varying broths and toppings (meats and cuts). Small bowls are around $8.50; whereas, large bowls are around $10.50. Tonight we ordered two small beef noodles:

Braised Beef Brisket & Tendon Noodle/紅燒半筋半肉麵 ($8.50)


Broth: Rich in beef flavour with a hint of spiciness. It is a little bit on the salty side, but still very satisfying to consume on a winter night.

Noodles: We chose the wide noodles (you may also pick thin noodles or vermicelli). To borrow a Chinese term, the noodles were very “Q”. In other words, they were firm to the bite, but also containing enough “bounce”.

Toppings: Tendons were very good, as they were thoroughly cooked. They were very soft, and have absorbed all the flavours from the broth. On the other hand, the briskets were so-so. They weren’t chewy or anything, but just a bit lackluster. Finally, the pickled mustard greens were a welcoming touch, as they cut the richness of the broth. Continue reading