Sandwiches @ Pronto

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Location: 3473 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Pronto is a quaint little Italian restaurant that is seemingly famous for their pork. We liked the unpretentious ambiance of the place. It’s a great place to sit down for a casual meal.

We came to Pronto for a quick Sunday brunch/lunch. We weren’t in the mood for pasta (partly because they were pricey at $14+), so we focused our attention on sandwiches. Pronto offers wide range of sandwiches/panini: prosciutto, porchetta, salami, or meatball, etc. (you get the drift). At a price of $8.75, each sandwich seemed like a good deal, until…

Sandwich #1: Porchetta


The first thing we’ve noticed was that the sandwich was under-seasoned, and borderline dry (but not quite). The spread was cream-based, but it wasn’t rich or flavourful enough. As mentioned before, the pork could have been juicier. The crispy crackling was the saving grace of this sandwich.

Sandwich #2: Prosciutto & Pear Panini (panino?)

Provolone, arugula, lemon mayo

Why so small? 😦 I understand that panini are compressed, but still this portion size hardly justified the $8.75 pricing. Flavour-wise, the combination is good, as you get the saltiness of the prosciutto and the sweetness/acidity of the pear. Then you have melted cheese binding everything together. Though tasty, this panino was just too small, and the ratio of the ingredients were off.

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 3/5

Value: 2.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Total: 13.5/20

Underwhelming. Perhaps we came on a bad day.


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2 thoughts on “Sandwiches @ Pronto

    1. The pears were sliced into relatively thin wedges. I’ve had a similar sandwich in the past except the pears used were more over-ripe, and I prefer those because of better flavour and (gooey-er) texture.

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