Dinner @ Gyo-O

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Address: Continental Centre, 3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9


Do you like Japanese rice bowls? Go to Gyo-O. Do you like seafood rice bowls? Why aren’t you at Gyo-O yet?! 😛 Yes, Gyo-O is a cozy little Japanese restaurant that specializes in rice bowls. They also offer creative ramen/udon dishes, but it seems like the rice bowls are their best sellers.

For dinner, we ordered…

Salmon & Ikura Don – $15

This was one of the most expensive dishes on the menu, but it was still fairly priced at $15. As seen in the picture, you get decent chunks of salmon sashimi, and a dollop of ikura (salmon roe). Ikura were deliciously salty poppers that meshed so well with the warm rice. On the side was a sprig of bamboo shoots, but they didn’t add much to the dish (not complaining though; more food!). I wish the rice was slightly more vinegary, but that is just a small nitpick.


Tuna Mayo Don – $11

We were curious to try a dish with cooked fish, in a Japanese restaurant… Here is a short summary of this bowl: tuna salad on rice. The tuna was boiled, and they used fresh tuna (we didn’t notice any canned tuna taste). The mayonnaise was lighter (i.e. healthier) than what you would expect. Topping off everything were seaweed shreds, green onions, and a sunny side up egg. When properly mixed, this bowl packed a gooey texture, and a deep flavour profile. It was yummy and filling, but we still prefer raw fish bowls like the Salmon & Ikura Don.


In retrospect, our dinner was a good source of carbs and protein! Not so much veggies though… 😀

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Total: 16.5/20

Gyo-O is another good restaurant to visit for a weeknight dinner after work. The atmosphere is cozy, and the (yummy) food is inexpensive.

P.S: this place is cash only


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