Pajo’s Fish and Chips – Follow the Hype

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Address: 12351 3 Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z1 (really it’s by Steveston Wharf)


We (the “Molangs”) went to the Santa Claus event at Steveston this past weekend, and boy, was it cold. I was freezing, but a cup of Blenz hot chocolate and a complimentary Santa hat (yea!) really helped block the wind.

Santa Claus actually arrives by boat at the Steveston harbour, and is greeted by a sea of families (not pun intended) with Santa hats.

It was quite the sight. I mean, who knew Santa would arrive by boat and is escorted by the RCMP?

We checked out the Cannery Market, which was very packed! Apparently Santa would be joining everybody for photos later in the afternoon in the market.

Anyways, on to the food part! Pajo’s Fish and Chips was our lunch destination. We’ve been to Steveston many times, mostly over the summer, and often see crowds of people (we assume tourists) hovering around the little Pajo’s Fish and Chip’s stand, which is located at the Steveston Fishermen’s Wharf.

You can choose to between Cod, Salmon and Halibut for your Fish and Chips combo. We opted for two pieces of Cod at $13.00 with bottomless chips (added bonus).

We placed our order on one side, and waited on another side to pick up the order. It took around 10- 15 minutes, which isn’t that bad considering the line up can take up to 1 hour during the peak season (summer). But this is winter, and there was still a 10 – 15 min wait! It was freezing, so everyone was anxiously waiting for their food to come out of the fryer. It was fried right before your eyes.

The fish was lightly battered, and for once, I wish it had more batter because the ratio was a little off. The cod was nice and chewy, and very comforting for a cold day. The staff gave us two cups of tartare sauce, and I loaded up on lemons and ketchup. The chips were nice and crispy, and we got a second batch after some fell on the ground, and was picked up by pigeons!

Overall, a pretty decent experience. I am not too sure about the hype – the fish and chips are good, but they are not amazing. The fish is very fresh, so that’s always an added bonus!

Fun fact: Pajo’s is also a family owned “restaurant”that has been around since 1985! šŸ™‚

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3/5 (it was freezing cold….but in the Summer, when it’s super crowded, Pajo will probably receive the same score)

Total: 14/20


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