[Vancouver Brunch] Tangent Cafe

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Address: 2095 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B1

Here comes another brunch review! This time, the Molangs came to the Tangent Cafe on Commercial Drive (aka “The Drive”). We were attracted by Tangent Cafe because they advertised themselves as a Malaysian-fusion restaurant. Little did we know, the 99% of their Malaysian-inspired dishes are for lunch/dinner only 😛 No biggie, let’s check out their brunch offerings anyway!

Smoked Meat Hash – $13


I love breakfast/brunch food that you can eat with a single fork (i.e. minimal effort)! 😀 The hash consisted of Montreal smoked meat, potatoes, onions, and red peppers. It was so satisfying to eat. For an extra layer of texture, mix in the egg yolks. Combined with the fruit and bread (of your choice), this was a well-balanced dish to start our weekend.

Crab Cake & Arugula Bennies – $15


Your classic egg bennies, but the typical English muffins were substituted with much more exciting crab cakes. The crab cakes were awesome in the sense that they were moist, and they had good herb-y flavours too! Again, this was a well-balanced (read: healthy) dish. No bread included with this one, but we filled up on the golden potatoes.

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance 4.5/5

Total: 16.5/20

Excellent place for brunch. The restaurant is surprisingly clean and vibrant, given that is situated in a *ahem* hipster-ish *ahem* neighbourhood.


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