[Restaurant Review] Midam Richmond

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Address: 4651 Garden City Rd,Richmond, Richmond, BC V6X 4A9

We found Midam by accident… The indecisive Molangs were driving down Alexandra Rd in Richmond. As we reached the end of the road, we took a wrong turn into a car mechanic shop/car wash place. That was when we spotted Midam by the corner. We couldn’t tell what kind of restaurant it was until we searched online. Google said “Korean restaurant”. Good enough for us!

The owner of Midam must really love basketball because the inside of the restaurant was plastered with NBA posters – Kobe, MJ, Bird & Magic. There was even a 1:1 poster of Yao Ming that lets  you measure your height against him. I think we are about 66.67% Yao Ming 😀

I would describe Midam’s menu as modernized Korean food, and this was reflected in their presentation and execution.

midam menu

They gave us two menus. One was the laminated sheet as shown above, and another was a booklet. The confusing thing was that the two menus had overlapping items, and items that were missing from each other. After the brief confusion, we went ahead and ordered two dishes:

Bulgogi Stone Pot Bibimbap -$15


This was a rice bowl with marinated beef, fried egg, and sliced veggies. The stone pot kept everything hot for the entire meal! We drizzled some hot sauce in it, and it was very satisfying to eat.

Spicy Chicken + Green Onion + Rice Cakes – $11

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[Restaurant Review] Happy Day Cafe

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Address: 3312 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5K7

The Molangs were driving down Kingsway, en route to Metrotown. Due to traffic congestion, we decided to pull over by Happy Day Cafe for lunch. On the day of visit, it looked like the restaurant had recently finished renovation. The interior was spacious, bright, and clean. They had TVs on the wall showing Cantonese shows, but I doubt anyone could hear them with all the background noise.

Happy Day Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant. What that means is that they serve almost anything that could satisfy your food cravings. On the menu you will see: Chinese soup noodles, Chinese breakfast, “Western” style breakfast, sandwiches, Chinese rice dishes, curry, and pasta, etc. Everything is inexpensive, as standard size dishes would cost around $10 each. A free drink (hot milk tea or coffee) is also included with an order of most main dishes.

Here’s what we had for lunch:

Baked Pork Chop & Seafood on Rice – $10.50


We were surprised that it came just 10 minutes after ordering. Normally it would take twice the amount of time. Perhaps they make a batch of these everyday… Anyway, the rice bowl was pretty hot when it arrived, so we were happy.

Half of the bowl was seafood + cream sauce, and the other half was fried pork chop + tomato sauce. Both halves were equally hearty and delicious. We could be wrong, but we felt that the portion size here was smaller than other HK restaurants. Nonetheless, this one was still good comfort food. Continue reading

Brunch @ Nomad Restaurant

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Address: 3950 Main Street, Vancouver, BC5V3P2

This is a pleasant place to sit down for a Sunday brunch. The ambiance is vibrant, clean, bright (thanks to natural sunlight), and spacious (love the high ceiling!). We were also greeted by enthusiastic servers.

You could order just about any brunch food here – from savory to sweet, from traditional to “fusion”, and from light to heavy. Have a looksie!

We ordered the following two dishes:

Duck Eggs Benedict – $18


You could choose to have either English muffins or rosti potato. We chose the latter because we think potatoes are more interesting. 😛 The main ingredient, duck confit, was more tender and moist than we imagined. Though it was flavourful, we found it to be slightly over-seasoned (a bit too salty), but it still meshed well with the potatos and the perfectly poached eggs. The kale on the side (lightly cooked) brought a healthy balance to the dish. Continue reading