Dinner @ Toku Japanese Restaurant

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Address: Lansdowne Centre, 221-5300 Number 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2C7


Toku’s ambiance can be described in three words: vibrant, modern, and spacious. Conveniently located in the Lansdowne Centre, this restaurant is highly recommended for large gatherings.

In terms of food offerings, Toku has everything you would typically see in a Japanese restaurant, but with more emphasis on chirashi dons. They have 14 different variations of these sashimi rice bowls!

Tokyo Zeitaku – $28

Toku Chirashi

It was a tough decision, but we chose this particular chirashi because it had some of our favorite fish: toro (tuna belly), salmon, shrimp, chopped scallop, and hamachi (yellow tail). Freshness of the sashimi was adequate, and portion size was decent. If we were to nitpick, we wished the fish were sliced 25% chunkier/thicker. The presentation was neat, and the side dishes (including miso soup) were great additions. With all that said, $28 was pretty steep.

Mentai Kimchi Yaki Udon – $15

Toku yaki udon

The plate didn’t look very big, but the that was because this dish was very heavy.

  • Mentai (fish roe) sauce: salty
  • Kimchi: spicy and tangy
  • Bacon: fatty and salty
  • Udon: thick

Still, the flavour combination was a guilty pleasure. They also added a bit of scallops in the mix. Proceed with caution, as this is definitely comfort food material.

Scallop Magma Roll – $12

(No picture :P)

This roll contained spicy tuna and chopped scallop. It was topped with tempura bits & black sesame sauce. We enjoyed this roll, as it had good protein-to-rice ratio. It had excellent flavours and texture as well. There was no need for soy sauce because the black sesame sauce was already strong enough.

Dessert #1: Uji Matcha Tiramisu – $6

Toku tiramisu

The presentation is beautiful! Unfortunately, this dessert looked better than it tasted. It consisted of three layers:

  1. Matcha cream: lots of green tea flavour, but it was too runny. If it wasn’t for the square container, the tiramisu would not hold its shape.
  2. Matcha sponge cake: decent texture; a bit on the firm side.
  3. Red bean paste: classic pairing with matcha; not overly sweet

What surprised us was that this dessert came within a minute of ordering. They probably mass-produce these daily.


Kyoto Maiko Box – $16

toku dessert

This was basically a sample box of four desserts.

  1. “Water drop” mochi/jelly: Looks very scientific! Not much flavour, so you have to dip it in the mild syrup.
  2. Mini rice balls in matcha: Served warm. Again, classic pairing.
  3. Matcha ice cream with red bean paste: Rich and creamy.
  4. Early grey pudding: Our favorite! Silky smooth and rich in tea aroma.

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Total: 16/20

Service and presentation were top-notch. Food was pretty good but not the best. Certain dishes (especially chirashi) can be pricey.



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