Dinner @ YEW Bar

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Address: Four Seasons Hotel, 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2T4

During the past Holidays season, the Molangs had the fortune to have a fancy meal at YEW Bar! Being a upscale restaurant in a fancy hotel, the ambiance of YEW Bar was definitely something special.

Let’s dive right in to the seafood!

Salmon Gravlax – $18


Cured salmon + avocado + cucumber + tamarind sauce. Overall, this was a refreshing appetizer, but we wish the sauce was a tad stronger.

Lingcod – $33


This meaty piece of fish (perfectly seared by the way) was accompanied by fennel, baby onions, orange marmalade, and daube sauce. We’re not entirely sure what the last one was, but it was sure tasty! The tangy orange marmalade was excellent with a firmer fish like lingcod. They should add a bit more!

Sablefish – $41


Sablefish requires no introduction. It’s simply melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The co-star of this dish was the giant ricotta ravioli. It tasted creamy but not overpowering. Sides were asparagus and artichoke.

Purple Rain – $11


No, this was the dessert and not the Prince song. Whomever invented this really liked berries because it had: black currant, cranberry soaked almond cake, meringues, raspberry sorbet, and vanilla cream. We loved the countless sweet & sour combinations from this dessert.

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Total: 17/20

High-quality meal.




Along with our bill, they gave us these little chocolate barks and shortbread.



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