IHOP Richmond – Beyond Burger

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Address: 6780 Number 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 2C1

The Molangs came to this particular IHOP because, according to rumors, this long-standing pancake house will be torn down/relocated due to recent developments in Richmond.

IHOP isn’t really just a breakfast joint anymore, as it has pivoted to serve more than pancakes and eggs & bacon. On the menu, one could find items such as sandwiches, burgers, salads, steak, and other diner entrees. All in all, very comparable to Denny’s.

Southwest Scramble – $13.95


Scrambled eggs topped with salsa and avocado. On the side were potato + peppers and onions. This definitely had the southwest ingredients, but the proportions were off. Portion size wasn’t very impressive; especially if you were to compare it with Denny’s. This was still very filling because it came with two pieces of butterscotch pancakes (not pictured).

Beyond Burger – $13.99


Plant-based burger is catching on! I don’t believe this burger is 100% vegan because it came with mayonnaise. Unless it was some kind of modified mayo, it probably had eggs in it. Aside from the patty (made from unspecified vegan protein source), the Beyond Burger wasn’t far off from a traditional hamburger.


Taste-wise, it the “protein patty” was very close to a beef patty; just not as greasy. Even the texture and appearance were very close to regular meat. Overall, this was a tasty burger that was moist and flavorful.

Side note: our fries came with free gravy. Gravy > ketchup.

Molang Scores & Verdict:

Food: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Total: 13/20

(The score is for this particular IHOP store)



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