[Squamish] Lunch @ Chef Big D’s

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Location: 38040 Cleveland Ave,Squamish, BC V8B

If you ever go to Squamish, and you are hungry, Chef Big D’s is definitely a good place to go!

Chef Big D’s is a diner with a casual and family-friendly environment. They had a rather interesting seating arrangement. At the entrance, they had a sign that says (and I paraphrase): “please seat yourselves at the next available, clean , and vacant table”. Once you sit down, the waiting staff is friendly and quick to hand you menus and water.

In terms of food offerings, you can expect the standard, hearty North American affair: sweet and savory breakfast dishes, and an assortment of sandwiches and burgers. Don’t scoff at their Kids at Heart menu (1/2 portion size). You will know why as you read more below.

(Kids at Heart Size) Beef dip sandwich – $6.50 ($7 with melted cheese)


As you can see, the sandwich was about the size of a 6″ sub. The bun was freshly toasted, and they gave a generous portion (understatement) of juicy and tender roast beef! Dip it in that salty au jus, and receive a foodgasm in your mouth.

All the Kids at Heart dishes come with a soup, salad, or fries. Terrific value isn’t it? The soup of the day was a tomato cream soup that was very tasty. We really liked the addition of red peppers, as it gave the soup another note of flavour. Continue reading