Patbingsu! Sulmida Dessert Cafe

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Address: 140 – 8211 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3K8

Sulmida sells many desserts and drinks, but their specialty would have to be their bingsu (Korean shaved ice)! There’s quite a few flavours to choose from, ranging from fruity flavours to chocolatey flavours. The Molangs decided to try one from each group šŸ™‚

Choco Oreo Bingsu – $10.85 (regular size)

Sulmidas 2

Toppings: vanilla ice cream, whole Oreo cookies, chocolate powder, almond flakes, chocolate syrup, and cookie crumbs.

Flavour-wise, this was pretty one-dimensional. If you love chocolate/Oreo, this would be heaven for you. Personally, we found that there wasn’t enough chocolate syrup, so it was quite easy to choke on the chocolate powder (because there was so much of it!). Nonetheless, when you scoop a bit of everything at once, it tasted great. Even though we were eating 70% ice, the cookie crumbs buried in the bottom were quite filling.

Melong Bingsu – $15 (large only)

Sulmidas 1

Top notch presentation! This one was less-busy than the Choco Oreo Binsgu. Topping: vanilla ice cream, almond flakes, and a lot of honeydew melon, and possibly a little bit of syrup. It looked and tasted refreshing, since honeydew isn’t that sweet to begin with. Continue reading


Doolami Dessert

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Yesterday, we ventured to Doolami Dessert, an Asian dessert place located on the Vancouver West Side. They are opened from 7 – 11pm every night, although I believe they are opened later on weekends.

Location:Ā 8030 Granville StreetĀ in the Marpole neighbourhood.

It was our first time at Doolami. Previously, I’ve tried their take-home pint Matcha and Durian ice creams, which were very strong in flavour. The Matcha ice cream, in particular, had very little sweetener and you can fully taste the bitterness characteristic of grounded matcha. Doolami claims to use no additives in their ice creams, and real fruits only.

Onto what we’ve ordered….


Mango Pomelo Sago – $8.99


I believe the original price on the menu was $6.99 as mango is currently not in season. The waitress informed us that they have imported fresh mangoĀ from Australia, therefore raising the price of the dessert to $8.99. Fair enough.

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