Review – Sea Monster Noodle Bar

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Address: 5-421 Main Street, Tofino BC V0R


After two hours of intense (for our standards :D) stand-up paddleboarding, we felt we deserved a hearty lunch! Most of the restaurants in town were full, so we picked Sea Monster Noodle Bar, as it seemed to serve fast-er food.

For whatever reason, neither of the Molangs were drawn to noodles. Instead, we ordered two rice bowls.

Salmon Poke – $14

sea monster 3

Awesome post-workout bowl #1. This bowl came with salmon, avocado, seaweed/dried seaweed, onions/scallions, ginger, and tobiko. We determined the marinate to be some kind of sesame oil. If you’ve ever had poke before, this would taste very familiar. Your choice of white or brown rice.

Fish Curry – $15

sea monster 2

Awesome post-workout bowl #2! This was a Thai-inspired rice bowl as seem by the usage of green curry and coconut milk. Other toppings: white fish, prawns, cilantro, basil, bok choy, and mushrooms. The acidity of the lime juice balanced out the richness of the curry. Having spent hours in seawater, this warm curry bowl was truly satisfying to consume!

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Total: 16/20

Very fresh food! For those who are health-conscious, many of their noodles/rice bowls are gluten-free (including the two we’ve reviewed)!

Brunch @ The Union

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Address: 219 Union Street, Vancouver, BC

The Union is a fusion restaurant located by the edge of Chinatown. The inside is very spacious, and it has a casual and vibrant feel.

For our late brunch, we ordered a couple of dishes and a drink.

Cha Yen – $5

the union 3

As stated on the menu, this is a concoction of lychee black tea, coconut milk, pandan syrup, and a couple of spices: star anise and cardamom.

Though it was refreshing, this drink was lacking in sweetness. We could taste the fruitiness, but not so much the spices.

Bao Bun Bennies – $14

The Union 1
That little dollop in the corner was chili sauce

The Bao Buns were special. I would describe them as a mix between Western bread and Chinese buns; quite soft and slightly sweet.

We chose to order smoked salmon to go with our Bao Bun Bennies. You couldn’t really go wrong with the classic pairing of salmon and dill. This dish also came with asparagus; which was a nice, healthy addition 🙂 The side potatoes were crispy and dusted with curry powder.

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[Sunshine Coast] Saffron Restaurant Review

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Address: 5755 Cowrie St, Sechelt, BC V0N3A0


The Molangs went on a weekend getaway to Sunshine Coast. As we stopped by the heart of Sechelt on a Saturday evening, we decided to have dinner at the Saffron Restaurant.

All signs suggested that Saffron is an Indian restaurant – the billboard, the interior decor, the restaurant sign, and even the first 3/5 of the menu! Later we found out that it is actually a “multicultural” restaurant; i.e. on top of curries, they also serve hamburgers, ribs, pizza, and pasta! Very interesting. We decided to go with one Eastern and one Western dish.

Lamb Vindaloo – $18.75


Vindaloo is a sauce consisting of white wine, ginger, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. The one we ordered was extremely SPICY! To be fair, our server did warn us about the spiciness, but it was even beyond our expectation! Consequently, this dish was very one-note. The extreme spiciness overpowered any other subtle flavours. The lamb was a bit bland too. Rice was okay and aromatic. Naan had to be ordered on the side for extra $2. They were thicker and denser than the traditional naan. Continue reading