Vietnamese Food @ Gia Minh

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Location: 6181 Fraser Street, Vancouver

7:00 pm on a Friday night, Deer Garden on Fraser was packed with people. Being impatient and hungry, the Molangs decided to grab a quick bite somewhere else in the neighborhood. Gia Minh was just a block away.

This is a relatively new restaurant that opened in August 2015. Ambiance-wise, this place is a tier above “hole-in-a-wall”. In other words, it’s what you would expect from most pho places in Vancouver.

The service staff wasn’t very friendly, nor were they ticked-off. We didn’t expect to be treated like royalty, but a little enthusiasm would have been nice. Also, they implicitly rushed us to order, even though we just sat down less than a minute ago. It wasn’t like there was a huge line of patrons waiting… 😦

Anyway, let’s talk about the food. The main dishes (noodles or rice) are decently priced at around $8 to $10. We ordered one appetizer and two soup noodles.

House Special Sub ($3.95)

Banh Mi!

This “appetizer” could easily be a complete meal. We ordered the pork sandwich (they also have chicken), which came with ham, some kind of luncheon meat, some kind of pate, and assorted veggies. We liked the bun, as it was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The sandwich was quite refreshing to eat, until you bite into the hidden jalapeno pepper. Watch out!

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