Ga Hyung Ru [Restaurant Review]

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Address: 1205 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC 7M2H6

Being a Korean-Chinese restaurant, Ga Hyung Ru serves something different from the usual affairs: bulgogi, BBQ, or hot pot, etc. Instead, this quaint eatery serves predominantly noodles and rice dishes; something more homey.

Seafood, Pork and Black Bean Sauce on Noodle – $12.75


It appears that the black bean sauce is one of their specialties. It had strong flavours of bean paste (obviously) and caramelized onions. The pork and seafood (which was just shrimp) were hard to see in the dark sauce, but the textures were definitely there. Overall, the sauce wasn’t too salty, and it struck a perfect balance with the noodles. Speaking of which, the noodles were quite tasty, and had a good springy texture.

O-Mu Rice – $12.50


O-Mu Rice = fried rice wrapped in an omelette. Very cute looking! As you could see, one of the major ingredient in this dish was ketchup. The fried rice was seasoned with ketchup as well, so it tasted sweet and tangy. This dish was also semi-vegetarian, since there was no meat in it.

Molang Scores & Verdict

Food: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 3/5

Total: 15.5/20

Good comfort food with great portions! Next time we will try their bigger dishes like fried chicken 😛


[Review] Long’s Noodle House

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Address: 4853 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Long’s Noodle House is a very… cozy restaurant. That’s the polite way of describing way. To put it more bluntly, the restaurant is a hole in a wall. It has very few seats, and on busy nights, you would have to share table with other patrons. Nonetheless, we’ve heard good things about the food!

Wine Chicken – $7.95


Drunken chicken! The presentation was pretty neat, as it looked like they dunked a whole chicken leg in Chinese cooking wine, and let it cook slowly. Though the portion was small, the chicken was delicious. Texture-wise, the meat was tender, and it practically slid off the bone. Flavour-wise, we could hardly taste the alcohol content, most of it evaporated (presumably). The remaining “juice” was very aromatic.

Yang Chow Syle Fried Rice (楊州炒飯) – $9.50


Classic fried rice that has pretty much everything – BBQ meat, shrimp, egg, and peas. As an avid fried rice fan, I could say that this was cooked very well :P. Texture was fluffy, and flavour was well-balanced. One more bonus point for not putting so much oil!

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Wei Dao Cafe Restaurant Review

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Address: 5595 Kingsway, Burnaby, Burnaby, BC V5E 3B9

This was the first time we dined at Wei Dao Cafe. From what we’ve gathered, they used to serve individually portioned, Hong Kong style dishes. As we sat down, we realized they had completely revamped their menu. They now serve family-style, traditional-Chinese cuisine.

When our server came to take our order, he tried to up-sell one of the most expensive fish specials (priced at $40). We only had two people, so… ignore that noise! We had already set our minds on three reasonably priced dishes:

Marinate Pork Intestines – $8.95

wei dao 1

Offal isn’t for everyone, but if you can get over that psychological factor, you can discover many more tasty ingredients. 🙂 I’d say the intestines we had were cooked just long enough. The sweet soy sauce flavour was there throughout. Texture was good; nothing was too chewy.

Typhoo[n] Shelter Style Seafood Fried Rice – $13.95

wei dao 3

I am a biased fried rice fan, so it is highly unlikely that I would hate this dish 😛 They were quite generous with the ingredients and portions, as there were lots of shrimps, scallops, and chopped cuttlefish. According to the menu, this fried rice was supposed to be spicy. They added chili flakes, but we could hardly taste them. As yummy as it was, the fried rice wasn’t very unique. Does “Typhoon Shelter” relate to the use of seafood? Continue reading

[Restaurant Review] Laksa King

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Address: 2546 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

From the outside, the storefront of Laksa King gave us this “hole-in-the-wall” impression. Once we stepped inside, we noticed that this joint looked nicer than we first expected. Oddly, the interior decor resembled a classic American diner. Nonetheless, the food they serve is unmistakably Southeast Asian.

Roti Canai (large) – $8.00


Our appetizer was served fresh and hot. Texture-wise, the roti canai reminded us something akin to Chinese pancake and Indian naan. For the most part, the dough was crispy on the outside, and light and airy on the inside; however, they weren’t cooked evenly. The thicker part of the dough was slightly raw and gooey. The chicken curry dipping sauce would make you devour the roti canai fairly quickly.

Laksa – $11.00


Since the restaurant is called Laksa King, we had to try their Laksa! What a wholesome bowl of goodies this was: mixed noodles (vermicelli + egg noodles), shrimps, fish balls, tofu puffs, hard boiled egg, chicken, and vegetables. Everything was cooked together in a flavourful coconut curry broth. The broth was unique, as it was thicker than most Asian noodle soups. We liked the hint of spiciness to go with the sweetness of the coconut. Our only nitpick was that the toppings were a bit scarce (not in terms of variety, but overall quantity).

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Brunch @ The Union

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Address: 219 Union Street, Vancouver, BC

The Union is a fusion restaurant located by the edge of Chinatown. The inside is very spacious, and it has a casual and vibrant feel.

For our late brunch, we ordered a couple of dishes and a drink.

Cha Yen – $5

the union 3

As stated on the menu, this is a concoction of lychee black tea, coconut milk, pandan syrup, and a couple of spices: star anise and cardamom.

Though it was refreshing, this drink was lacking in sweetness. We could taste the fruitiness, but not so much the spices.

Bao Bun Bennies – $14

The Union 1
That little dollop in the corner was chili sauce

The Bao Buns were special. I would describe them as a mix between Western bread and Chinese buns; quite soft and slightly sweet.

We chose to order smoked salmon to go with our Bao Bun Bennies. You couldn’t really go wrong with the classic pairing of salmon and dill. This dish also came with asparagus; which was a nice, healthy addition 🙂 The side potatoes were crispy and dusted with curry powder.

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[Restaurant Review] Midam Richmond

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Address: 4651 Garden City Rd,Richmond, Richmond, BC V6X 4A9

We found Midam by accident… The indecisive Molangs were driving down Alexandra Rd in Richmond. As we reached the end of the road, we took a wrong turn into a car mechanic shop/car wash place. That was when we spotted Midam by the corner. We couldn’t tell what kind of restaurant it was until we searched online. Google said “Korean restaurant”. Good enough for us!

The owner of Midam must really love basketball because the inside of the restaurant was plastered with NBA posters – Kobe, MJ, Bird & Magic. There was even a 1:1 poster of Yao Ming that lets  you measure your height against him. I think we are about 66.67% Yao Ming 😀

I would describe Midam’s menu as modernized Korean food, and this was reflected in their presentation and execution.

midam menu

They gave us two menus. One was the laminated sheet as shown above, and another was a booklet. The confusing thing was that the two menus had overlapping items, and items that were missing from each other. After the brief confusion, we went ahead and ordered two dishes:

Bulgogi Stone Pot Bibimbap -$15


This was a rice bowl with marinated beef, fried egg, and sliced veggies. The stone pot kept everything hot for the entire meal! We drizzled some hot sauce in it, and it was very satisfying to eat.

Spicy Chicken + Green Onion + Rice Cakes – $11

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[Restaurant Review] Happy Day Cafe

Happy Day Cafe 喜相逢餐廳 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Address: 3312 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5K7

The Molangs were driving down Kingsway, en route to Metrotown. Due to traffic congestion, we decided to pull over by Happy Day Cafe for lunch. On the day of visit, it looked like the restaurant had recently finished renovation. The interior was spacious, bright, and clean. They had TVs on the wall showing Cantonese shows, but I doubt anyone could hear them with all the background noise.

Happy Day Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant. What that means is that they serve almost anything that could satisfy your food cravings. On the menu you will see: Chinese soup noodles, Chinese breakfast, “Western” style breakfast, sandwiches, Chinese rice dishes, curry, and pasta, etc. Everything is inexpensive, as standard size dishes would cost around $10 each. A free drink (hot milk tea or coffee) is also included with an order of most main dishes.

Here’s what we had for lunch:

Baked Pork Chop & Seafood on Rice – $10.50


We were surprised that it came just 10 minutes after ordering. Normally it would take twice the amount of time. Perhaps they make a batch of these everyday… Anyway, the rice bowl was pretty hot when it arrived, so we were happy.

Half of the bowl was seafood + cream sauce, and the other half was fried pork chop + tomato sauce. Both halves were equally hearty and delicious. We could be wrong, but we felt that the portion size here was smaller than other HK restaurants. Nonetheless, this one was still good comfort food. Continue reading